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Our little girl - Becky Bumbles

18 years ago today, our dreams came true. What we wanted more than anything in the world, had been delivered. You came into the World. A tiny bundle of 7 lbs 15, packed with beauty and loveliness. Looking into your eyes as I gave you your first bottle feed, a special time for Dad and Daughter to bond at last. A feeling of overwhelming love, protection and warmth for our daughter - Rebecca Mary Hodson

You were very eager to enter the world on that day, after what can only be described as a not straight forward pregnancy for your Mum but some of the best dishes are challenging to prepare !!


Growing up, you were always cautiously crazy - organised (apart from your room) wanted things right but a zest for fun and dance. You found School and College a breeze really, always a dream to teach and "if i had 25 Becca's my job would be easy". As you have matured, you have grown in confidence - in your walk, talk and mind. I was so proud of you when we went to the UCLAN open day - bossing the chat and leading discussions - don't ever stop doing that. You present a good argument but do so with careful consideration of how others may receive it. You put family at front and centre, caring deeply about the love ones around you always thinking of others (something you have developed well in). Your love for animals is clear, your passion for equality and speaking up for people that feel voiceless is unquestioned, being true and believing in yourself will take you fair in life whatever you do. I am confident you will be great at anything you do if you love doing it and find purpose. 

I love you very much Becca and I am so proud of the young women you have become. I hope to one day dance like a dafty on your wedding day. Mum and I will enjoy being part of your maturity and development as adulthood ripens. I don't think I laugh with anybody else on this planet like I laugh with you !! (we came from the same humour bucket you see)

You are my little star and will always be here for you whatever life throws at you. You are stunningly beautiful inside and out. 

Loving you always and forever


Dad x 

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